Leadership in Crisis


The true test of leadership, is how well you function in a crisis - Brian Tracy

With COVID-19 and the uncertainty of global financial crisis, this is the time where world needs better leaders. Employees, now more than ever will look at their leaders for psychological security as it is such an important factor for companies who are having their teams work from home.

Why this webinar?
Leaders have just gone through one of the most unexpected as well as challenging events in their leadership through COVID-19. It is valuable to reflect on their behaviors as a team and as individuals, make meaning of what and how they want to be remembered through this crisis and learn techniques from each other as well as an organizational psychologist as to maintain a tight grip of the ship.

Questions we will look at
  1. How did you make sense as the situation unfolded and is unfolding?
  2. What did you notice about your team as well as your behavior that was unique,
  3. What are the crisis theory frameworks for sense and decision making,
  4. What are some techniques to have a good grip on your ship?
  5. Will you fullfill the potential of the "great man" theory?

In this two hour hands on webinar, we will be covering the following topics.

  • What psychological trails that research have shown leadership behaviors during crisis,
  • What matters to employees and your the most during a crisis,
  • How to rally you and your team for psychological success,
  • Case studies of leadership in crisis including your stories.
Your takeaway will be

  • Clarity about your leadership behaviors,
  • Clarity about what really matters,
  • Clarity about how to make a collective rise above a crisis,
  • Tools and techniques to enable you rally your team
  • Receiving inspiration through shared stories

  1. Research Articles,
  2. Videos you can share with employees,
  3. Report summary of Pre Survey & Webinar

About Speaker

Hetal is an Organizational Psychologist, Certified Professional Coach and a Certified Trainer. She holds a Masters in Organisational Psychology from Macquarie University (Sydney) and a Bachelors of Arts majoring in Psychology from National University of Singapore (Singapore). She is also certified in several Psychometric Tools and Systems.

Hetal is a Consulting Psychologist to several Global organizations and specifically supports large scale transformation projects that tend to have an enormous impact on mental health and performance on employees.

How to attend?

Attendees will be informed webinar sign up details over email.

Feel free to message us for clarification.

She believes that crisis and transformation offers the paradox of being the Mother of all opportunities and the Mother of all suffering too. She is most known by her clients for her analogy of the #ButterflyEffect that is used to take organizations through their journey of metamorphosis.

Fri Apr 10, 2020
2:30 PM - 5:00 PM MYT
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